Brevet BA sendte sine ansatte om nedskjæringsplaner

Dear Colleague

As you know we have been in discussions with Unite on how we will deliver IFCE’s £140m contribution to the savings our company needs to make.

Throughout all of our consultations and negotiations, many of you have told me you understand the need to remove cost and, like me, you want this to be achieved through voluntary means wherever possible. I want to minimise the impact on you, our current crew.

And we all share a passion for continuing to provide excellent service to our customers. Unfortunately, we have not yet been able to reach an agreement with Unite on how we do this and after nine months of talks, the time has come for us to move forward.

While we have consulted with the union at length on this and I had hoped they would support us, the changes we are now introducing will not alter contractual terms and conditions for individual cabin crew.

Achieving savings voluntarily
Everyone who has applied for voluntary redundancy will be able to leave between th30 November and 15 December 2009. In addition many of you have requested permanent part time contracts and I am pleased to let you know that we will now be able to accept more of these requests. We will begin contacting people registered on the part time lists shortly.

We will also begin actioning transfer requests for Heathrow based crew only, beginning with Eurofleet CSDs who want to move to Worldwide and Worldwide Pursers who wish to move to Eurofleet.

How we will make our savings, while minimising the impact on you, our current crew?
We can make these savings and minimise the impact on you, by changing our crew complements. From 16 November 2009 we will make the following changes while still ensuring that our crewing levels can deliver our premium customer service.

Worldwide – effective from 16 November

  • One purser position will be removed from all Heathrow Worldwide flights (747,777,767). At the same time, all Worldwide CSDs will join the customer service routines allowing us to keep the same number of crew who are directly serving our customers onboard.
  • Removal of the additional main crew member on Heathrow long range routes and additional crew member routes Eurofleet – effective from 1 December.
  • The crew complements on Eurofleet flights will be varied to make them consistent with those currently operated at Gatwick.
  • The use of a single supervisor on all Eurofleet flights, either a CSD or a purser, balancing the work between these grades Gatwick – effective from 1 December.
  • One purser position will be replaced with a main crew member on 777 3-class aircraft at Gatwick, consistent with Heathrow.

Pay talks have not yet concluded, but as I’ve said before, we are planning a two-year freeze on base pay for all crew, until March 2011, in line with other areas of the business. We are no longer planning on freezing increments and, most importantly, as promised there are no plans for a pay cut.

Savings from future crew
The proposal to mix future crew with current crew would have required significant changes for you. I’ve listened to your feedback and I will now look to make savings from future crew at Heathrow, who will join a separate new fleet. These crew will be rostered and will fly separately from you on new terms and conditions. We do not envisage any new crew joining BA until the business begins to grow again.

What are we not doing, after listening to your feedback?
This simplified approach, including a separate new fleet, means I will not be introducing any of the following changes previously proposed for current crew. There will be:

  • no reduced nights downroute at worldwide destinations
  • no change to days off at base for Eurofleet
  • no transferral of the B767 fleet to Eurofleet
  • no change to early day report for worldwide
  • no change to the finishing times for Eurofleet
  • no company changes to your variable pay and allowances
  • no pay cut
  • no increment freeze

New opportunities for you
Taking this voluntary approach to people reductions will create the following new opportunities for personal development and work life balance.

  • Worldwide Purser promotion to CSD on current terms and conditions
  • Opening up a new list for 33% permanent part time contracts – available to all grades of Heathrow crew.

Next steps
I hope that as you read through this letter you will see that these necessary changes hold firm to my principle of minimising the impacts on you as current crew. I hope you will also see that while we have not been able to reach a final agreement with your trade union, we have listened to the points they made during our consultation meetings. Having listened to them, and to your replies to our crew questionnaire, we have moved away from our original proposals to a plan that meets many of the points made in the consultation.

Over the next few days I will write to you individually with more information. My management team and I will continue to be available to listen to your feedback and answer any questions.

There is one item that requires further discussion with the union, namely a revised arrangement for disruption, which puts our customers first. Given the urgency of the business situation we will continue to be available at any time and on any day in order to continue our discussions. The next planned meeting is on 14 October.

I look forward to us being able to move forward with this new, simplified and voluntary approach to savings that also allow many of you to take voluntary redundancy or part time contracts. Thank you for your continued professionalism and service to our customers.

Bill Francis
Head of IFCE


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